Diamond Quality Guide: How to Distinguish Diamond’s Value

Diamond Quality Guide: How to Distinguish Diamond’s Value

The quality of the diamond can be judged by various factors. By using our diamond quality guide you can easily distinguish diamond’s value!

We can all agree that diamonds are the most beautiful, amazing, rare, and cherished gemstones in the world. There are various factors such as color, clarity cut, and color that help determine the quality, as well as, the value of the diamonds.

These 4Cs are a global standard which is created by the GIA or Gemological Institute of America and this standard has been accepted for determining the value and the quality of the diamond. The 4Cs mean that there is not a global language to communicate and identify the value of a diamond and it is a great way for customers to know exactly what they are about to buy and invest their money into:

  • Clarity – Diamonds are natural stones that have been created over thousands and thousands of years of carbon being exposed to pressure and heat deep within the Earth’s crust. Due to this natural creation, the diamond can acquire a range of external and internal characteristics which are also known as blemishes and inclusions. In order to determine the clarity of the diamond, you must be able to determine the size, number, nature, and position of these imperfections. The cleaner the diamond is – the higher the value.
  • Carat – The weight of the diamond is calculated in carats. The value of a carat is determined as 200mg and every carat can be subdivided into 100 points which allows you to calculate a precise and an accurate measurement of the stone and weight. For example, 1 carat = 100 points. The larger the diamond – the more desirable it becomes.
  • Color – The grading of the diamond’s color is based on the absence of color. A pure diamond has no color, tint or shade and has the highest value. The color grading system used to identify the color value of the diamond also measures the degree of color by comparing a loose diamond under specific grading conditions.
  • Cut – All diamonds are known for their power to transmit light and sparkle. Even though it is usually thought that diamond’s cut is the shape of the diamond, however, the diamond’s cut grade is referred to how well it reflects light. A diamond’s cut is the most important element of the 4Cs when it comes to value and eye-catching beauty but it is also pretty difficult to analyze.

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