Brilliant Earth Conflict-Free Diamonds Review

Brilliant Earth reviewBrilliant Earth is a fascinating company that ensures conflict-free diamonds. Diamond mining has historically been an industry replete with questionable ethics. People have fought and died over diamonds. Countless workers were exploited in the creation of many if the rings you see today.


Brilliant Earth has been at the forefront of change within the Diamond industry. If you want a clear conscience when purchasing your jewelry, feel free to give them a quick look.

They’ve been a major player on the online diamond market for years. In fact, if you’ve been searching for a wedding ring or any other diamond jewelry, chances are you’ve come across them in an ad or search. Below, we will look at what they offer, as well as some of the pros and cons of their business model.




Conflict Free

Brilliant Earth’s diamonds come from conflict-free zones. Additionally, they take special care to assure there are no human rights abuses in the mines that supply their operation.

Many other Brilliant Earth reviews will talk about price. Let me be the first to tell you that Brilliant Earth is not the place to shop if you’re looking for a bargain basement deal. It is an online retailer for the socially conscious shopper looking for quality, not someone looking for the lowest common denominator.



Not only does Brilliant Earth supply you with conflict-free diamonds and quality jewelry, but they also strive to be environmentally conscious. The company is aware mining metals and diamonds can be harmful, so they have taken steps to improve the situation. Platinum and Gold jewelry is recycled from older jewelry and industrial materials. In addition to mined diamonds, you also have the option to get more affordable lab diamonds. You can even have the lab apply colors if you had your heart set on that pink diamond. You can even use diamonds recycled from vintage jewelry so that miners don’t have to pull a new one out of the Earth. Any time we can save any of our resources, you can certainly consider that a win.

If you are the discerning shopper willing to pay a few extra bucks for quality and a clear conscience, feel free to check out Brilliant Earth.

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