5 Top Places to Purchase Lab Created Diamond Jewelry in San Francisco

Discover the top places in San Francisco where you can purchase affordable and lab created diamond jewelry including lab-grown gemstones rings, vintage rings, diamond earrings, necklaces, and bracelets!

Lab created diamonds or also known as man-made diamonds are cultured or engineered diamonds, carefully grown in highly controlled and maintained laboratory conditions using modern technological processes that improve the conditions under which natural diamonds are developing, beneath the Earth’s crust.

The lab created diamonds consist of carbon atoms that are arranged in the well-known characteristic diamond crystal form. And since these diamonds are made of the exact same material as the natural diamonds we all know, they have the same chemical and optical properties.

Already considering a synthetic diamond for your next diamond jewelry purchase? Here are 3 benefits that will convince you to do the right thing:

➢ Purity and superior quality

The diamonds that are grown above the Earth are way superior to dirt diamonds that are found beneath the Earth’s crust with diesel and dynamite. When compared to those diamonds, the diamonds grown carefully by mankind have fewer defects, less strain in the crystal structure, and fewer inclusions.

➢ Larger and better diamonds for your budget

Did you know that synthetic diamonds are 20-40% cheaper than mined diamonds? Yes, and there are two reasons for this – the diamond mining companies are large and the supply chain for lab-grown diamonds is much more efficient. In other words, you can buy better quality and much larger diamonds for a certain budget, if you decide to buy lab-grown diamonds over the mined ones.

➢ Eco-friendly

The lab created diamonds are ethically grown with a minimal environmental impact. Mined diamonds, on the other hand, are doing a real damage to the ecosystems and watersheds. Also, diamond mining gets less supportable every year, whereas growing diamond in a lab is getting more popular.

Some of the best places where you can purchase lab created diamond jewelry in San Francisco are:

1. Derco Fine Jewelry

They are committed to providing high-quality diamonds at exceptional prices. This company is established in 1939 and it is headquartered in San Francisco since 1979. Their strong customer care is a reflection of their incredible staff of experienced goldsmiths, gemologists, and jewelers.

2. Brilliant Earth

This is without a doubt one of the most popular brands for lab created diamond jewelry. Brilliant Earth offer you a chance to discover how lab diamonds are actually made by presenting the behind the scenes look and the steps necessary to create lab diamonds. They are proud to say that they offer an incredible collection of laboratory-created diamonds, including earrings, rings and necklaces. Here are some more options for you to see our jewelry. pinterest.com/brilliantearth/

3. Ada Diamonds

A leading company for large lab-grown diamonds, as well as, high-end bridal jewelry. Here you can find man-made diamond jewelry in color such as gray, pink, blue, and yellow. This brand specializes in eternity bands, engagement rings, men’s wedding bands, ready to wear gift items, diamond hoops, pendants, studs, and fashion jewelry.

4. Padis Jewelry - The Gift Center

Padis jewelry has been a respected name in the jewelry industry since the 70s. This brand specializes in engagement rings, loose diamonds, and fine jewelry. They are an exclusive and authorized retailer of world-known luxury brands such as Ritani, Tacori, Forevermark, Jeff Cooper Designs, Michele Watch, and much more.

5. Giraux Fine Jewelry

They specialize in handcrafted and custom jewelry and they are proud of the quality they offer. Almost 75% of their business is through comments, testimonials, and referrals from satisfied existing clients. They are working really hard on making their customers happy and satisfied.
Check out these 5 places and find your perfect lab created a diamond necklace, earrings or ring.

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